Yet more essential insights into all that the Irish hold dear, from innocent traditions and mildly eccentric peculiarities to stuff that’s just downright daft!
Would you take the ‘makings of a fry’ on holidays? 
Recognise your mother’s twenty-seventh cousin, twice removed? Know what to do with a piece of stale wedding cake that came through the post?
 Do you love boasting about our literary geniuses, but have never read one?
 Do ‘The Fields of Athenry’ mean much more than a few acres in Galway?
 Is the red man at a pedestrian crossing a challenge rather than caution? 
Worship Ray Houghton? Legend.
Ah, yes, then you’re definitely Irish. And, sure, if you haven’t a clue what any of the above is about, then isn’t it even more important that you put the hand in the póca, fork out the spondulicks, and try to fit in, for Jaysus’ sake!

(The cover of ‘More Stuff Irish People Love’ features a lenticular image (i.e. it appears to move) of the ‘moving statue’ phenomenon.)





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