There’s been a rule of thumb in Ireland the last thousand years – if it’s something you enjoy, it’s a sin. And if it’s anything to do with SEX, it’s a mortal sin. Here, in one quite disgraceful, uncensored package, is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sex and love in Ireland but were afraid to ask for fear of a clatter on the ear – Abstinence, Adultery, Censorship, Confession, Clingfilm, the Most Lustful Man in Ireland, Girlie Mags and Nudie Men, the Rhythm Method, Lustful Thoughts… what more could you ask? Find out who shouldn’t have, but did; why there were lots of ‘fallen women’ but no ‘fallen men’; and the extreme measures taken to stop us thinking about our wobbly bits and get ourselves into confession. And all of it brought to you with glorious, full colour illustrations, so good they’re positively sinful!




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